Tempting Nights Decadent Romance Collection, Books 1 - 3

The first three books in the Tempting Nights Romance series are now just a single click away... Tempting Secrets, Winner of the 2019 Contemporary Romance Passionate Plume Award: Trey Riley, physician assistant by day, Maddox Stone, professional escort by night. Two different lives being led by the same man. Until he meets Charlotte Harvey. Hired to make her feel special, feel loved, but for one night only. After a night of passion, he leaves never expecting to see her again. Too bad fate doesn’t agree, when just a week later, they meet again, at the hospital where he’ll be doing his internship, and where she works as a nurse. Secrets never stay hidden for long… Tempting Tricks: I want her more than anything I can ever remember wanting anything, even pain.. Patrick Connors is ex-military; the only survivor of a chopper crash he was piloting. When he isn’t working as an escort, you can find him at The Den, an underground sex club where pain delivered by willing participants is his only relief from the nightmares and guilt that plague him. Until he walks into psychiatrist Annabelle Murphy’s office and discovers the last woman he ever thought could help him, may actually be his saving grace. Tempting Justice: Gabrielle Reed is rich. She doesn’t work as an escort because she needs the money. She does it because she loves sex, men and having the power. Good things don’t happen to girls like her. You know, girls who should say no, girls who take men home on the first date, girls who think they have all the control. Until she meets Detective Cameron Justice and learns way too late that any control she thought she had was all just an illusion.